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The National Planning Policy Framework advises that: “Planning law requires that applications for planning permission must be determined in accordance with the development plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.”

Material Considerations must be genuine planning considerations and matters of relevance to the development, such as:

• Effects on an area. This includes the availability of infrastructure, density, layout, design and external appearance of buildings and landscaping.

• Highway safety issues such as traffic generation, road capacity, means of access, visibility and car parking.

• Effects on a specially designated area or building, for example, conservation areas, listed buildings, ancient monuments.

• Effect on playing fields, village shops and pubs.

Material considerations include:

• Local and national planning policies

• Previous planning decisions including appeal decisions

• Traffic generation & overall highway safety

• Adequacy of parking

• Overshadowing and loss of light

• Noise and disturbance resulting from use

• Design, appearance & materials

• The effect on the street or area

• Ground contamination, loss of trees and nature conservation

• Personal circumstances of the applicant (case by case)

• Personal need for development (case by case)

• Overlooking and loss of privacy

• Public rights of way, disabled access

• Flooding or pollution

• Prevention of crime and disorder

• Effects on listed buildings / Conservation Areas

• Strategic views

• Size, layout and design of the development


But do not include:

• Work that has been done without planning permission

• Loss of property value

• Noise & disturbance from construction work

• Loss of private view

• Building Regulations and other matters controlled under other legislation

• Identity or personal characteristics of the planning applicant

• Personal circumstances of the applicant (case by case)

 • Personal need for development (case by case)

• Issues of morality or motivations

Commenting on applications: Text
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