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Wanborough: About Us

Surrounded by Green Belt, and encompassing Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty as well as Areas of Great Landscape Value, the historic Parish of Wanborough has been inhabited for well over 10,000 years, thanks to the water that runs in streams off the Hog's Back and collects in ponds as the land flattens out. Prehistoric implements, Celtic, Roman and Saxon remains have all been found in the Parish and of course the Cistercian Monks built The Great Barn in 1388. This is the oldest wooden building in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.

St. Bartholomew's Church - built over an earlier Saxon Church, dates back to the 13th Century and is one of the smallest in Surrey. Nearby is the 17th Century Wanborough Manor, visited by Gladstone, home to Asquith, and later to F-Section of the SOE during WWII. Agents were trained at the Manor before being dropped behind enemy lines in France. 

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