Past Planning Applications

20/P/01015 The Lodge, Berthorpe, Puttenham Heath Road, Compton, Guildford, GU3 1DU  Replacement of garage building with new outbuilding (retrospective application) - ApprovedGBC Link

20/P/00904  Flexford Chase, East Flexford Lane, Wanborough, Guildford, GU3 2JP

Replacement of existing field shelter and store - ApprovedGBC Link

20/P/00903 Flexford Chase, East Flexford Lane, Wanborough, Guildford, GU3 2JP

Erection of a single storey side extension- Refused GBC Link

20/P/00724 The Old School House, West Flexford Lane, Wanborough, Guildford, GU3 2JW

Proposed conversion of attic space above garage to habitable accommodation. Addition of brick built storage space with balcony over and external access stairs. ApprovedGBC Link

20/P/00719  West Flexford Barn, West Flexford Farm, West Flexford Lane, Wanborough, GU3 2JW Proposed erection of three bay store building, including enclosed boiler room and wood pellet store. RefusedGBC Link

20/P/00348 Greengage Farm, West Flexford Lane, Wanborough GU3 2JW

Erection of two detached single storey dwellings  Refused. GBC Link

19/P/01980 Plot A1, Westwood Lane, Wanborough GU3 2JR

Erection of (horticultural) barn and shade tunnel for tree nursery. Refused. GBC Link

20/P/00113 Lot 4, Westwood Lane, Wanborough GU3 2JR

Certificate of lawful Development for proposed use to establish whether a water bore hole falls within the definition of development. RefusedGBC Link

19/P/02128 Lot M4, Westwood Lane, Wanborough GU3 2JR

Proposed erection of fencing around site (retrospective). RefusedGBC Link

18/P/02165 Bushy, Backside Common GU3 3EB

Change of use of an existing swimming pool from private use to part commercial use for swimming lessons. Withdrawn. GBC Link

19/P/00590 Homestead Farm, West Flexford Lane GU3 2JW 

Certificate of Lawfulness for existing use to establish whether the use of the land for year round assembly and leisure with additional motorised sports began more than ten years before application. Refused. GBC Link

19/P/01880 Zenda, Wanborough Hill GU3 2JR 

Variation of condition 2 (drawings) to allow alternative stable elevations and condition 9 (habitat/protection of species) of planning permission 18/P/01611. Approved. GBC Link

19/P/00760 Berthorpe, Puttenham Heath Road, Compton, Guildford, GU3 1DU

Construction of one chalet bungalow, formation of 2 parking spaces, hardstanding area and driveway following demolition of an existing pair of garages and removal of an existing driveway. Refused. GBC Link


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