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Working for our Community


Councillor, chairman

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James and his family have lived in Wanborough parish since 1997.  James ia a chartered accountant has recently retired from his finance director role in the energy sector. James plays golf and is an avid (and currently happy) West Ham supporter.

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Vice Chairman



Matt is Sales Director for Day Group Aggregates. Matt and his family have lived in the parish for many years. His main interests are cave exploring, sky diving and Fulham FC.

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202-11-21 OdC picture.jpg

Oscar is the newest councillor, having joined in November 2021. Oscar and his family are also relatively recent newcomers to Wanborough.

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Martin Bramley



Martin has lived with his family in Wanborough since 1985. A qualified Certified Accountant, now retired, Martin is currently actively involved with several local community organisations: notably The Housing Society, The Royal British Legion, The Friends of Wanborough Church and the "Village Golf Club" within Puttenham Golf Club. He is also a supporter of West Ham United!

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Fraser Hodgkins 



Having spent several years renovating a derelict property in Flexford, towards the North of the parish, we finally moved in at the beginning of 2016. I enjoy most outdoor sports, particularly running, mountain biking and snowboarding. My two young kids do their best to distract me from those pastimes.

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Parish Councillors are not paid, and currently do not ask for expenses incurred in carrying out Parish duties.


Kim moved to Wanborough in 2016 with her husband. Since arriving has expanded the family with two children. 

Kim joined the Barn Committee in 2018. Loving Village life. 


The Clerk is employed part-time by the Parish Council to administer WPC business affairs, communication with local residents (including this website) and to maintain the accounts, which are externally audited annually. 

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Kim Sweeting

Councillors: Meet the Team


Councillors: Meet the Team


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